Special Supervision Services

The purposed of the Special Supervision Services is to give DUI offenders with revocations on their licenses the opportunity to receive a restricted license. Entry into the Program is an application process.

Cost: The initial cost of application is $310. If accepted into the Special Supervision Program, monthly visits are required at a cost of $65 per visit. Additional fees for record checks and chemical testing apply. Additional fees are required by Ignition Interlock Device vendors.

Qualifications: Prospective applicants must have had a Hearing at the Bureau of Administrative Review and received a letter giving them permission to apply to the SSS Program. The client has thirty days from date of hearing letter to contact Sunshine Safety Council to begin the application. Applicants must have at least one full year of sobriety to be accepted and applicant must agree to a strict program of sobriety to remain in the SSS Program. Applicants must also have not driven for at least one year prior to their application. Clients in the SSS Program are subject to random urinalysis and blood tests at the client’s expense.

To Apply: Applicants must provide the following at the intake:

  • Picture ID
  • Hearing Letter
  • DUI Level 2 Class Certificate
  • Name, Address and Phone Number of the following:
  • Three (3) references who have known you for at least one year and can attest to your one year of sobriety and non-driving
  • Any treatment agency where you’ve received counseling for alcohol/drug use.
  • Any medical providers seen in the past 5 years
Statutory Eligibility Requirements:
Eligibility Requirement 5 Year Revocation 10 Year Revocation Permanent Revocation
No License 12 mos. minimum 24 mos. minimum 5 yrs. minimum
No Driving 12 mos. minimum 12 mos. minimum 5 yrs. minimum
Abstinence 12 mos. minimum 12 mos. minimum 5 yrs. minimum
  • “No License” is the revocation time period applicants must serve before they become eligible for application to the Program.
  • “No Driving” means a confirmed period of no driving without a driver license.
  • “Abstinence” means total abstinence from all alcoholic beverages (including non–alcoholic beer), no abuse of prescription or over–the–counter medications and no illicit drug use.
  • Completion of DUI Program (including required treatment)

DHSMV requires an Ignition Interlock Device be installed in your vehicle. The interlock device is required prior to the Hardship Driver’s License being issued. Fees required by the Interlock vendor are in addition to the fees required by the Supervision Program.

*Note: Due to confidentiality and quiet setting requirements, children or unapproved observers are not allowed during appointments.

You must apply with an SSS Program in the County in which you live, work, or go to school. Sunshine Safety Council serves Volusia, Flagler, and Putnam Counties ONLY. Office Hours & Locations
For further information, please call the Sunshine Safety Council at 386.253.6400