Chiefly, Membership Benefits in your local Safety Council includes a local hometown investment in safety and health for your entire organization.

It’s important to realize that your annual membership is based on the number of employees in your office conversely it equates to just pennies per person. More importantly, everyone has access to all of our member services! Hence it is a great way to network with other safety-minded companies and also to share ideas.

In Addition Membership Benefits

  • Discounts on training classes
  • Onsite trainers, available to come to you
  • Timely news and updates on safety regulations and trends
  • FREE Unlimited use of our 700+ title online video library

Our Membership Year is April 1st – March 31st

Dues will be prorated after April 30th

Membership Dues

Number of Employees Annual Membership Dues
Individual $80
Non-Profit $102
2-99 $194
100-199 $284
200-299 $381
300-399 $465
400-499 $557
500-599 $636
600 + $740

Join the Sunshine Safety Council Here!

With this in  mind, if you would like, you can fill out the information below and send it to us. Afterward we will contact you with further information on payment and finally how you can access your member benefits. Conversely, if you prefer, click on the link below for a downloadable PDF application that you can email back to us.

Of course when you become a Sunshine Safety Council member, you will receive:

  • FREE Unlimited Access to 700+ Online Safety Videos
  • Discounts on Live and Online Training Classes
  • Discounts on safety materials (i.e. Labor Law Posters, OSHA Manuals)
  • Access to our Specialty Training Certifications (for Healthcare, General Industry, Construction)
  • Timely Notifications of New and Changed Safety & Health Regulations
  • Opportunities to Network with Florida’s Top Safety Professionals
Member Benefits

Enter Your Member Information

By all means, if you want to email us your application, send it to:
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