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FDOT Temporary Traffic Control


We are an FDOT  approved Temporary Traffic Control Provider!

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Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) ensures that both workers and the public can work and travel through work zones without getting injured. Effective TTC requires planning, design, supervision, implementation and maintenance of various work zone traffic control devices. Properly trained and competent workers are a necessity.

This training is required for personnel with duties that include any of the following activities: Personnel responsible for supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices (excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions); inspection of the placement or operational function of temporary traffic control devices (excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions).

Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control

Why spend 2 days in class when you can recertify in 1? This 8 Hour course provides re-certification for persons whose 4-year intermediate certificate is about to expire. (Proof of current certification must be presented.)

Intermediate Temporary Traffic Control Refresher

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