Transportation Infrastructure Professionals

Sunshine Safety Council (SSC) is a non-governmental, non-profit public service organization dedicated to safety education. Our Transportation Infrastructure Professionals (TIP) Department’s primary goal is to support and educate roadway management workers so they can safely, efficiently, and effectively meet the demands of our ever-expanding infrastructure.

In support of the TIP Department’s mission, SSC offers a diverse and complimentary array of programs and services intended to give public and private sector companies a competitive advantage.

Sunshine Safety Council proudly specializes in IMSA certifications.

IMSA Certifications are the key to job security and advancement! 

Obviously, IMSA certifications are essential to anyone working in cities, counties, or private sector roadway management companies. Consequently, obtaining initial certification and complying with periodic renewal requirements enables certified personnel to secure, maintain and advance in their chosen field.

As a matter of fact, did you know *FDOT Memorandum 14-13 (FHWA Approved 6/27/13) states that IMSA Traffic Signal Inspection Level 1 will be required in Scope of Services? Additionally, many cities and counties in Florida require that all traffic signal cabinet related work be performed by an International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) Level II Technician, certified in traffic signals.

IMSA Certifications must be renewed every three (3) years. For more information on IMSA renewals click here.


What is IMSA?

The International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) is the oldest association of its kind in the world (1893). Association members were instrumental in the founding of the Underwriters Laboratory and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (N.E.M.A.). Records show that Thomas A. Edison and the Edison Electric Company were associate members in 1901.

Since its origin, IMSA has grown in size, stature and prestige. Today, the Association has members all over the USA, Canada, and other countries. Through its many years of dedication to improving and advancing public-safety, IMSA has gained recognition and influence with local, professional organizations.

It is the deep conviction of IMSA that a certification program in each area of public safety operations is necessary.To assist in lowering unnecessary legal actions and increase the quality of public safety IMSA offers educational and certification programs in the following arenas:

  • Traffic Signals
  • Fiber Optics
  • Transportation Center Systems
  • Signs and Markings
  • Work Zone Traffic Control
  • Municipal and Interior Fire Alarm systems
  • Public Safety Dispatcher and Flagging

Sunshine Safety Council is a proud FDOT approved Temporary Traffic Control Provider!

Provider #40

What is Temporary Traffic Control (TTC)?

When you think of TTC think ‘work zone traffic control’. In the most practical terms, TTC ensures workers and the public can avoid injury. Obviously, it requires planning, design, supervision, implementation and maintenance of various work zone traffic control devices. Consequently, workers must obtain training and certification.

What’s more, to get a permit for any job near the roadway officials will definitively want to see your TTC credentials. Furthermore, you’re also required to have a traffic control plan as well.  Additionally, FDOT Inspectors or building officials can stop to inspect your job at any time. Consequently, non-complaint jobs risk closure until the TTC issues are correct.

Accordingly, different levels of responsibility require different certifications. To decide which certification you and your people require, see the descriptions from the MOT admin:

Basic (Flagger)

This course is for personnel flagging traffic “ONLY”.

Intermediate and Refresher

This course is for personnel with duties that include any of the following activities:

  • Personnel responsible for supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices, excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.
  • Inspection of the placement or operational function of temporary traffic control devices, excluding temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.

Advanced and Refresher

Personnel with the authority and responsibility for making decisions on the specific TTC requirements.

These positions include the following:

  • The Professional Engineer responsible for the development of the Transportation Management Plan (TMP) and design of the TTC Plan.
  • The Work-site Traffic Supervisor in accordance with FDOT Standard Specifications, Section 102.
  • Personnel responsible for supervising the installation, removal and field maintenance of TTC devices, including temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.
  • Personnel responsible for inspection of the placement or operational function of temporary traffic control devices, including temporary barriers, end treatments and crash cushions.

TTC Certifications renew every four (4) years – before their expiration date (there is no grace period).

Sunshine Safety Council proudly hosts The Society for Protective Coatings Training & Education Programs.

What is SSPC?

SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings was founded in 1950 as the Steel Structures Painting Council, a non-profit professional society concerned with the use of coatings to protect industrial steel structures. In 1997, the name of the association was changed to SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings to better reflect the changing nature of coatings technology and the ever-expanding types of construction materials.

SSPC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on the protection and preservation of concrete, steel and other industrial and marine structures and surfaces through the use of high-performance protective, marine and industrial coatings. SSPC is the leading source of information on surface preparation, coating selection, coating application, environmental regulations, and health and safety issues that affect the protective coatings industry.

SSPC’s core products and services include:

  • Coatings industry standards
  • Technical publications
  • Training & certification courses
  • Painting contractor certification programs
  • Conferences and events

For more information: [email protected]

Sunshine Safety Council is proud to offer Fiber Optics Association Training!

What is The FOA?

The FOA is a international non-profit educational organization that is chartered to promote professionalism in fiber optics through education, certification and standards. Founded in 1995 by a dozen prominent fiber optics trainers and industry personnel as a professional society for fiber optics and a source of independent certification, the FOA has grown to now being involved in numerous activities to educate the world about fiber optics and train the workers who design, build and operate the world’s fiber optic networks.

FOA Activities

  • Setting standards for and administering technical certification programs
  • Evaluating and approving training schools
  • Training and certifying instructors
  • Providing technical information for everyone through our website, Guide, YouTube and social media (LinkedIn and Facebook)
  • Developing textbooks, courses and training programs which are given to FOA-approved schools for their use
  • Participating in industry standards activities and writing our own standards
  • Publishing email and online newsletters about relevant technology and industry news
  • Creating and offering free online web-based training programs through Fiber U
  • Promoting fiber optics applications and education through participation in various industry forums

FOA is incorporated in the US, state of California, as a non-profit educational organization – 501(c)(6).

The FOA is not a training organization. FOA sets standards for the approved training organizations that provide training for FOA certification, training and certifying the instructors who give FOA approved courses and providing certification programs. In recognition of their excellence, FOA certifications are recognized by the US Department of Labor and organizations in most countries around the world.

The FOA has approved over 250 training programs in more than 40 countries, including technical high schools and colleges, professional training organizations, major fiber optic manufacturers and companies offering employee training programs. Over 65,000 techs have successfully completed requirements for FOA certifications (March 2017.)

The History of The FOA

The FOA was started by a dozen instructors at the Fiber U training conference in 1994 who decided the industry was mature enough to support a professional society. The founders included experienced instructors from industry (3M, Siecor, Panduit, FOTEC), government (US Navy and Air Force), education (Lincoln Trail College and Wentworth Institute) and private trainers (Pearson Technologies, Conquest Communications) who were teaching fiber optics and who provided the expertise in management, technology and education needed to create a new professional society.

FOA was incorporated in July 1995 chartered to promote fiber optics through education, certifications and standards and incorporated in July 1995 as a 501(c)(6) educational non-profit corporation.

Founded soon after the initial commercialization of the Internet, the FOA is a “virtual organization,” perhaps one of the first organizations so created. There is no FOA headquarters building – appropriately to its technology, FOA exists on the Internet. Those who run the organization live and work all over the world, using modern communications to communicate and collaborate. The network of experts working to create FOA programs include our Master Instructors who average more than 20 years experience in fiber optics. Their experience ensures FOA curriculum and certifications are the most comprehensive and up to date available.

FOA Technical Materials

FOA creates and publishes its own technical materials for training and reference. Having access to the experts who train around the world ensures the materials are up to date, technically correct and universally applicable. These same instructors provide input on the newest technologies and applications which get included in the FOA technical references and often results in the addition of a FOA certification.

Quality training requires quality reference materials. The FOA has worked since its inception to create a compilation of technical information on fiber optics and premises cabling and make it available to everyone for free on the web or inexpensive in printed form. FOA technical materials includes the FOA textbooks, the FOA Guide – The World’s Largest Compilation of Fiber Optic Information – YouTube videos and Fiber U online training – all Free. The FOA Online Reference Guide has become the largest and busiest technical website on fiber optics and premises cabling. The FOA technical reference material is also available in printed and eBook formats. FOA uses our own technical website to create free online self-study programs at Fiber U. These materials are available for those getting started in fiber optics or expanding and updating their knowledge. The FOA also has more than 100 videos on YouTube including lectures on fiber optics and premises cabling and hands-on examples of many standard practices in the industry.

Sunshine Safety Council is proud to host Sea School!

What is SeaSchool?

Sea School is a leading provider of marine training for U.S. mariners. Since 1977, they have provided innovative and technologically advanced training solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industry. In response to market demands, they have expanded our offerings of USCG approved courses through a series of new STCW programs and recently begun providing services for foreign governments.

Their mission is to be the training company of choice for mariners, companies and governments both domestic and foreign. Their strategy is to deliver innovative business solutions with enthusiasm, integrity and the utmost regard for the safety and the protection of the environment. At Sea School, they never forget they operate in a service industry. This is why everything they do, from developing leading-edge technologies to hiring the best people in the business, is driven by their goal of meeting the needs of our customers.

Contact them today and let them show you how they can take you where you want to go.

Sunshine Safety is proud to offer safety training by Techtricians!

What is Techtricians?

Techtricians is a term derived from an Electrician that possesses the technical knowledge that is needed in today’s technology as well as preparing for the future! Electricians are installing not only power systems but data systems that control electrical systems. We offer training in Voice , Data, and Fiber for commercial and industrial systems. Techtricians properly designed training programs can enhance your productivity and create a safe working environment for everyone!

Techtricians ~ Training todays workforce for tomorrows technology ~