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Qualified Worker Program (QWP)

Generally, the regulations agree that any electrical circuit or equipment that is energized with at least 50 volts of electricity has to be guarded, covered, protected, or made inaccessible to everyone except Qualified Electrical Workers. The regulations also state that any electrical testing must be performed by Qualified Workers. That means an unqualified worker cannot even verify whether a circuit his been de-energized. Even during a Lock Out/Tag Out procedure – Only Qualified Workers can verify if equipment has been de-energized.

To be a qualified worker one must possess the knowledge and skills related to the field and receive the proper safety training…
The QWP includes: Electrical Safety & the Qualified Electrical Worker; OSHA Lock Out/Tag Out; NFPA 70E (Arc Flash Safety)

March 28-29, 2019 Members $550/Non $625


Unqualified Worker Program (UWP)

Though they are called unqualified workers because they do not work directly with the voltages Qualified Workers expose themselves to, Unqualified Workers face a higher-than-normal risk of electrical accidents and need training as well. The UWP does just that!

The unqualifed workers are people such as maintenance men, machine operators, mechanics, etc. who still face the risk of electrical shock…

The UWP includes: Electrical Safety & the Qualified Worker; OSHA LOCK Out/Tag Out

March 28-29, 2019 Members $450/Non $525


The QWP and UWP are 1 day programs whose course groups comply with or exceed current OSHA standards. As a bonus, for $250 you can add training to include the OSHA 10 hour card (construction or general industry)