We are Daytona Beach’s original and locally based online traffic school, serving the area since 1983!

Because we’ve been covering your Online Traffic School training needs for years you know we’re not going anywhere! In other words, we’ll be around if you ever need to verify attendance or get a replacement certificate. Furthermore, our instructors are state-certified, professionals. Also, we offer secure classroom facilities throughout the 3 county area. What’s more we have Spanish speaking customer service representatives available if you need them. Additionally, we offer many online traffic school & video classes!

Basic Driver Improvement – BDI

Also known as “zero points class”, “defensive driving” or “safe driver” this 4 hour course has multiple purposes. A driver charged with a moving violation can avoid having points assessed, avoid insurance increases (in most instances) and maintain their “safe driver” status. Effective 7/1/10, drivers may ‘elect’ to take this course for point reduction only 5 times in their lifetime. If your insurance company allows, you may qualify for a rate reduction – regardless of your age. Drivers required by the State to take a “Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC)” may satisfy that requirement with this course. Effective 7/1/05, DHSMV will not allow holders of Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) to elect this course for point reduction regardless of the type of vehicle they were driving. Businesses may utilize this course to educate drivers on how to recognize traffic hazards and prevent collisions and also save on their corporate auto insurance rates.

Available in English & Spanish

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Audio Read Aloud Upgrade Available for Just $4.95

Drug, Alcohol, & Tobacco Education – DATE

This required 4 hour course for all persons getting a license for the first time (with the exception of those who take a State approved behind-the-wheel or drivers’ education course) is Florida approved. While the majority of students are young adults, this course is a requirement regardless of age for those who have never been licensed before. If you have never held a regular driver license in any state, you must complete this course before applying for a temporary driving permit (restricted driver license) in the state of Florida.

DHSMV LEARNER’S PERMIT EXAM – Why stand in line when you can take it online?

Students taking the First Time Driver Course online now also have the option of taking their restricted driver’s license exam online at any time before or after completing the 4 hour DATE course. The exam is certified by the State of Florida and is provided online. The fee for the drivers license exam online is $22.00.

Note: Payment of any fees to the Third Party Administrator will not affect fees payable by the applicant to the Department for issuance of a driver license.

In addition to the testing fee above, there is a fee at the Driver’s License Office for the cost of your new license.

8 Hour Court Ordered Intermediate Driver Improvement – Judge Ordered

For individuals with a history of traffic violations and poor driving skills and behaviors. This traffic class can also be via court order.

Please note: this course is NOT for the 8 Hour Driving While License Suspended Course or the 8 Hour Aggressive Driving Course.

Advanced Driver Improvement – ADI

This 12 hour class satisfies the DHSMV requirement for drivers with a Points Suspension. Drivers who have accumulated 12 points in 12 months, 18 points in 18 months, or 24 points within 36 months will be required to take this class. When registering, enter the citation number or the ticket that put your license into suspension. ADI may also be court ordered. Now available in Spanish! $79.00

Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course

This 6 hour class is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles for an auto liability insurance discount for drivers aged 55 and above. Most insurance companies give it at age 50! The course is broken into short sessions and does not have to be completed all at one sitting. Only $14.95.