It is the mission of The Sunshine Safety Council, Inc. to promote an awareness and response to safety issues on the part of individuals, private and public organizations, and society. Therefore, in order to achieve its mission, the Organization will engage in educational activities which result in increased awareness and behavioral response to unsafe conditions at home, at work, and in the community. Undoubtedly, safe workplaces not only save lives they also promote successful, vibrant lives. On the other hand workers who suffer a disabling injury can lose 40 percent of their income over five years. Families can lose even more because of the increased stress, conflict, and divorce associated with occupational injury and illness. Conversely, safe workplaces provide an environment for healthy workers whose jobs become vehicles for making a life — not just a living. To that end we periodically release a Safety Newsletter (see newsletter tab for more) .

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First Quarter Newsletter

In this addition, we included:

  • A letter from our CEO
  • New Member Highlight
  • Fun national holidays for the month of March

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Above all, since 1983 Sunshine Safety Council has been here to support our community in being
safety aware, but without other safety conscious people like all of you we would not exist.
Your loyalty and support have made us what we are today!
All of us at Sunshine Safety want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of you.